Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What is going on in Arizona?

Those of you who follow the news probably already know what is going on in Arizona.
First the crazy laws to single out "illegal" immigrants, but let's say the truth, this is to single out Mexicans and Latnos, I'll doubt some Canadian will get stopped by the cops. (Are there Canadians in Arizona?) let's move on.

Now they banned ethnic studies from schools, because apparently this classes teach kids that they are oppressed and it singles them out and also that these classes seem to encourage the overthrow of the U.S. government.

First of all this classes do not encourage the "overthrow" of anything. What it teaches us of the oppression that has existed towards minorities through out this country for centuries. i.e. slavery, manifest destiny, Jim crow laws and you know the list goes on. Why is white America so afraid to look at themselves in the Mirror? How do you learn if you're not willing to acknowledge what has happened in history.

The reason ethnic studies exist in this country is because the American history written by people of color is not discussed in the classrooms.
People like Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, Malcom X, Cesar Chavez, amongst many more are not discussed thoroughly in the classrooms.

Kids of color are not exposed to some of these great individuals who changed America for the better.

Ethnic studies in schools allows young people to learn about their own history and give them a sense of identity. To see that in history there was someone like them from their same background who was able to make a difference by standing up and fighting for human rights!

Remember ethnic studies are not there just for people of color. White students are also able to attend this classes and are able to learn about diversity and this gives them a better perspective about themselves and the way they grew up.
This gives them the ability to become allies with people of color and work together for all of us to have the human right to live well and without being afraid to walk out of the door.

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